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Nothing compares to the pain and suffering of a serious personal injury. And when someone else’s actions or negligence causes that injury? The agony is intensified.

If you or a loved one have become the victim of someone’s carelessness, we want you to know that you have a Longview personal injury lawyer ready to help.

Kenneth Biggs and John Greenslade are expert Personal Injury Attorneys for Longview, TX. Their knowledge and experience with Texas Law enable them to win countless cases like yours. We will fight for you and get you the just compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Cases We Take

Our lawyers are prepared for any complex issues that arise from your personal injury case. Our team of qualified attorneys is eager to handle claims concerning the following practice areas:

Car Accidents

Car accidents are among the most common cases we handle. If you’ve been in a car accident in the Longview area, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of Kenneth Biggs & John Greenslade.

Wrongful Death

Some injuries lead to a tragic death. While no dollar amount can ever bring back a loved one, receiving adequate compensation can help their family members recover medical bills, funeral experiences, and even income that the person would have earned and contributed to the family had they survived.

Our wrongful death attorneys in Longview will handle all the details of filing your claim so you can focus on grieving and getting healthy.

Trucking Accident

Getting hit by an 18-wheeler is scary and almost always ends in serious injury. Let our attorneys for personal injury in Longview win a fair settlement for you.

Motorcycle Accident

If you are a biker who has been hit by a car, our legal team can help you. Insurance companies rarely treat motorcyclists fairly. That’s why at Biggs & Greenslade, we are committed to serving the motorcycle drivers in our community with quality legal representation.

Workplace Injuries

Work related injuries often turn into complex legal cases. Workers’ compensation laws have loopholes which some employers try to utilize to their advantage. This leaves employees who are injured on the job in a challenging position.

The question many work injury victims ask is, “Will filing for workers compensation benefits be worth the time, money, and emotional energy spent on taking my case to court?” The answer is yes when you work with Biggs & Greenslade.

Our legal team makes the process effortless for you by handling everything. We believe most workplace injuries are not the responsibility of the employee. Our work injury lawyers in Longview will help you file for workers’ compensation and recover the full settlement you deserve.

A workplace accident does not have to take you by surprise. If you’re an injured worker, let Biggs & Greenslade help you file a worker’s compensation claim and get restitution for you fast.

Why Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

If you’ve suffered a serious bodily injury in an accident or some other tragic circumstance, an insurance company will contact you offering a settlement. We encourage you not to accept it.

Most of the time, insurance companies are incentivized to save as much money as possible. They do this by awarding settlements amounting to less than what injury victims are really owed. These settlement offerings are often less than the victim needs to cover all the expenses relating to the injury.

Kenneth Biggs and John Greenslade are committed to fighting for you and ensuring you receive the highest possible settlement for your personal injury case.

What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Our clients depend on us for much more than legal representation. The personal injury attorneys at Biggs & Greenslade will help you get the medical treatment you need and access other resources to help you recover during this difficult time.

When you work with our Longview, TX personal injury lawyers, you don’t just get a group of competent attorneys. You will have access to a support system that will help you through this challenging season.

Is A Personal Injury Lawyer Affordable?

A serious bodily injury comes at a high cost, both physically and financially. Our job is to help you with both.

As your personal injury lawyers, we are here to relieve the burdens you are carrying, rather than add to them. That’s why our legal team operates on a contingency fee agreement. Our fee comes from a percentage of the total settlement you receive when we win your case.

If our lawyers do not win your case, our law firm will absorb the entire cost of the case so that you do not owe us anything.

What Damages Can I Claim?

Personal injury claims are complex. The amount of compensation you receive depends on the details of the event and the severity of the injury.

Our experienced attorneys will investigate every facet of your case to calculate and pursue the maximum settlement possible.

You may be able to guess some of the financial losses that should be reimbursed. Likely, you’re thinking of costs that have a definite monetary value, such as:

  • Medical treatment
  • Loss of wages if the injury has kept you out of work
  • Counseling services you’ve received as a result of the injury
  • And other hard costs associated with the accident

However, there are other “damages” that deserve compensation. These damages do not have a definite monetary value but should still be assessed when considering the full settlement amount. These damages include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Fear and Emotional turmoil resulting from the accident or injury
  • And other damages related to your well being.

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