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Car Accident Lawyers in Kaufman, TX

In 2021, Someone Was Injured in A Car Crash Every 2 Minutes

Car accidents and the catastrophic injuries they cause are more common than most drivers realize. The consequences of such a crash can ripple throughout your life, either in the form of injury, lost wages, or something else.

Accident-related injuries are the leading cause of medical debt in the United States. These medical expenses are often unexpected, costly, and lead those suffering injuries to take on more debt than they can pay off.

These medical bills are in addition to other expenses, like your mortgage, bills, and other payments. They may also come when you are unable to work because of the injury.

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Experienced Car Accident Attorneys to Fight for You

You have the option to file a personal injury claim to get compensation for all of these costs. If you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, Biggs & Greenslade can help.

We’re experienced Kaufman personal injury attorneys that have helped hundreds of people throughout East Texas file–and win–their personal injury cases.

The attorneys at Biggs & Greenslade are experienced personal injury attorneys with the experience and staff to ensure that you get full compensation for your injuries.

Our team has helped hundreds of East Texans recover from accident injuries, allowing them to pay for medical expenses while recovering lost wages.

Our offices are standing by to help you get the medical attention you need. We want to get you on the road to physical and financial recovery.

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The Personal Injury Attorneys at Biggs & Greenslade

Kenneth Morgan Biggs

A retired US Marine and former assistant district attorney, Kenneth Morgan Biggs is the litigation specialist at Biggs & Greenslade. In his career, he’s tried hundreds of cases and brings that courtroom experience to bear for his clients.

John Greenslade

Before becoming a personal injury attorney, John Greenslade spent his career working for law firms that represented insurance companies. He understands the opposition and uses that knowledge to bring the opposition to the negotiation table.

Annie Northcutt

Annie Northcutt is a former assistant district attorney and became chief prosecutor to the County Court at Law of Rusk County. With hundreds of cases, she lends her courtroom experience to her personal injury clients.

What Compensation Can Your Auto Accident Attorney Get You?

Filing a personal injury lawsuit will allow you to sue for compensation. Depending on the nature of your case, a judge or jury will award you damages to cover your expenses related to the accident.

Property Damages

After a car accident, your vehicle may be damaged or totaled. You may have also lost other valuable property. Normally an insurance claim will cover this, but it can also be part of a personal injury suit.

Medical Damages

Medical expenses after an accident can be astronomical, especially if you require surgery or physical therapy. As part of your suit, Biggs & Greenslade will fight to get compensation for all of your medical expenses–now and in the future.

Lost Wages

Your injury may force you to miss work, and you can seek compensation for those lost wages. You can also seek compensation for wages you may lose in the future because your injury prevents you from working.

Pain & Suffering

Judges and juries may award you compensation for the pain and suffering your injury caused you. This can be either physical or emotional pain. There’s no limit to how much they may award, but larger amounts are normally levied to punish the negligent party.

Punitive Damages

Sometimes, the person who causes the accident is so negligent that a judge or jury will award you compensation purely to punish them. If we think we can get punitive damages, our attorneys will pursue it.

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Parts of a Car Accident Case

Schedule Your Consultation

The first step is to schedule your consultation with Biggs & Greenslade. This is entirely free and can help you understand the specifics of your accident better.

Meet with an Attorney

During your consultation, the attorneys at Biggs & Greenslade will gather information about your accident. We’ll then help you decide whether to file a personal injury suit.

Evidence Gathering

If we take your case, our investigators will begin scouring for evidence to support your personal injury claim. We’ll use this to bring the insurance company to the table.


Most personal injury cases are settled out of court for a lump sum. A few go to trial, where our courtroom experience will ensure your case has the best chances of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

Personal injury attorneys work for a contingency fee. This fee is taken directly from the compensation that you’re awarded.

This ensures that your attorney fights to the best of their ability for your case. It also means that you pay them nothing out of pocket.

How do I know if I need an auto accident lawyer?

If you or anyone else sustained an injury in an accident that wasn’t wholly your fault, you could benefit from at least consulting with an accident attorney. They can help you understand the next steps you can take.

Should they believe you should file a personal injury suit, they can work with you to do so.

How long until I get my compensation?

Your case may take some time to fully resolve. Your lawyer will want to ensure that you’ve completed all necessary medical treatment. This ensures that you get properly compensated for its cost–now and in the future.

Will there be a trial?

Most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court. However, it is possible that yours goes to trial. Before doing so, your lawyers will advise you about why they think going to trial is the best option.

But going to trial is optional. If you’d rather take the settlement against your lawyer’s advice, you are free to do so.

How much is my claim worth?

It’s impossible to tell how much you can get compensated. Everything depends on the accident, your medical expenses, lost wages, and other factors.

The personal injury lawyers at Biggs & Greenslade can promise that they’ll fight to ensure you get every cent you’re owed.

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Each year, hundreds of Texans are devastated by car accidents. If you were in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, a personal injury claim can prevent you from becoming a part of that statistic.

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