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Personal Injury | East Texas

If you've been injured because of a person's or organization's actions or negligence, you deserve justice. The Biggs & Greenslade Law Firm is here to help. We protect our clients from being taken advantage of by insurance companies and ensure the best possible outcome for your personal injury case.

Attorneys Kenneth Biggs and John Greenslade are highly skilled and experienced to fight for victims who have been seriously injured because of a car accident, wrongful death, or some other tragedy. Nothing is more important to us than helping our clients get the justice and compensation they deserve.

Mr. Biggs and Mr. Greenslade have taken on some of the nation's largest corporations and East Texas' toughest cases to gain the highest award possible for their clients. Their experience in the courtroom, attention to detail with the cases they undertake, and availability to their clients are why personal injury victims throughout East Texas depend on them.

Some of the many types of personal injury cases we will litigate include:

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How much does a Personal Injury Attorney cost?

At Biggs & Greenslade, your personal injury case won't cost you anything. That's because we work from a contingency fee arrangement. A contingency fee is a percentage of the financial settlement you receive when we win your case. In other words, we don't get paid until you get paid. If no award is issued, you owe us nothing, and we absorb the entire cost of your case.

Because we offer a free consultation and payment is contingent upon whether we win the case, there is no risk or cost in contacting us and discussing your options.

Do I really need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Some people attempt to handle their personal injury claim on their own. This is not recommended, especially for complex cases. While you are not required to secure a personal injury lawyer to file a claim, the defendant you file a lawsuit against will most likely hire a lawyer who can build a strong case against you receiving any compensation at all.

Many people have lost personal injury cases because they believed their case was simple and straightforward and did not require the help of a lawyer. The best course of action is to give us a call and tell us about your case. We'll schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

What do I do after an accident?

It is essential to your claim to get as much information as soon as possible about any damages incurred and to keep excellent records of everything. That means going to the emergency room or a doctor to find out how severe the injury is, taking photos, keeping paperwork and receipts, and taking other similar measures to keep as good of a record as possible.

Another critical thing to remember is not to say you're sorry. This may seem rude, but apologizing can actually count as admitting fault and could hurt your chances of winning a settlement.

How is a settlement amount determined?

Two types of "damages" can be claimed in a personal injury lawsuit: economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are damages, or losses, that have a definite monetary value. These include past and future hospital and medical bills, lost or damaged property, lost wages due to not working, and more.

Non-economic damages are damages that do not have a definite monetary value. These include emotional trauma, physical aches and pains, and more. While no amount of money can ever make up for the pain and suffering you've experienced, it can at least help reduce any financial stress that comes with a severe and traumatic injury.

What is a Settlement?

Most personal injury claims do not go to trial. Instead, a claim will usually result in a "settlement" between the two parties—the plaintiff (AKA victim) and the defendant. The settlement is the agreed-upon compensation for the damages awarded to the plaintiff.

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