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Biggs & Greenslade Law

Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorneys in Kaufman, Texas

Legal Help From A Former Prosecutor And An Insurance Litigation Veteran
Your life can change in an instant because of the irresponsible actions of others. Our Kaufman injury lawyers and car wreck lawyers can help.

Serious injuries caused by another person’s negligence don’t just result in physical suffering. They also come with emotional and psychological distress.

If you’ve been injured or someone you care about has been killed in Kaufman, TX because of another person’s recklessness, you deserve restitution.
Please call the personal injury and auto accident attorneys at the Biggs & Greenslade Law Firm today for a FREE case evaluation.

Meet Our Personal Injury & Car Wreck Attorneys

Our personal injury attorneys in Tyler, TX know when you’re getting a fair deal... and when you’re not. Our lawyers will carefully investigate your case to craft a strategic approach to your case and ensure the most favorable results.

Kenneth Morgan Biggs
An Injury Lawyer With Real Trial Experience

Very few injury lawyers have spent much time in a courtroom. That’s because most personal injury cases are settled before the case ever goes to trial.

As former prosecutor, Kenneth Biggs is a major asset to our team. He has more trial experience than any other personal injury lawyers in Kaufman, TX. If your case does need to go to court, you can be confident that you have experience on your side.

John Greenslade
An Attorney Who Understands The Opposing Party

The first several years of John Greenslade’s career were spent defending the large insurance firms he now sues. He has insider knowledge on how insurance companies approach a personal injury claim. He knows their tricks, and can present a robust case on his clients behalf.

When you need to file a personal injury claim, call a lawyer who understands the tactics of the opposition.

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What We Do

Our Personal Injury Lawyers put the needs of our clients first. We offer the highest quality legal representation in Kaufman, TX and the surrounding areas because our clients are worth it.

If you’re hurt, we’ll make sure you get the best medical treatment available, the highest possible settlement for your personal injury claim, and the closure you need to move forward.

  • Wrongful Death

    Wrongful Death

    In some tragic cases, an accident results in the loss of a loved one. If someone you care about has been killed, nothing can relieve that pain. However, our wrongful death lawyers want to help you bear the burden. We’ll start a wrongful death case and work toward recovering your financial losses to help you move forward.

  • Car Wreck

    Car Accident

    Insurance companies rarely give car accident victims the money they need to cover their medical bills, car repair expenses, and the like. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, the legal team at the Biggs & Greenslade law firm is on your side. Call our car accident lawyers in Kaufman, TX today.

  • Trucking Accident

    Trucking Accident

    Few experiences are as terrifying as getting hit by an 18 wheeler. But trucking companies are more concerned about protecting their bottom line than helping you get better. Call a truck accident lawyer in Henderson, TX who cares about your best interest. Our team will fight for your restitution.

  • Motorcycle Accident

    Motorcycle Accident

    Contrary to the stereotype, motorcyclists are not always at fault in an accident. But bikers are among the most vulnerable drivers on the road. If you’ve been injured in a wreck, call our Kaufman area motorcycle accident attorneys. We’ll help you get your life back.

  • Oil Field Industry

    Oil Field Injury

    Many oilfield workers risk their lives every day to make a paycheck and provide for their families. Injuries are unfortunately very common in the oil and gas industry. If you need legal support, you have a team of oilfield injury lawyers in Kaufman who can help.

  • Negligence


    When you get hurt because of another person’s negligence or recklessness, it should be their responsibility to pay for your expenses. When you need a negligence lawyer because of a slip and fall or some other act of negligence, you have one right here in Kaufman, TX. We’ll handle your case so you can focus on getting better.

Why Hire Us

  • We can build a strong case to maximize your settlement.
  • We know how to negotiate with insurance companies.
  • We communicate with our clients regularly with case updates.
  • We have experience inside and outside the courtroom.
  • We do not charge our clients anything unless we win their case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost In Kaufman, TX?

The last thing we want is to add a financial burden of legal fees on top of your medical bills, vehicle repairs, and other expenses you’ve incurred from the tragic event. That’s why we operate from a contingency fee agreement.

During your initial consultation, we’ll answer any questions you have about the case, explain what to expect, and have you sign a contingency agreement. The agreement explains that you owe nothing out of pocket. Our fee comes from the settlement awarded at the end of the case.

If no settlement is won, you owe us nothing—period.

Should I File A Personal Injury Claim?

During your free case evaluation, we will discuss your case and give you an estimate of how long cases like yours usually take to resolve and how high your settlement could be based on our experience with similar lawsuits. At that point, you can decide whether pursuing a suit is worth it.

There’s no risk in calling us and setting up a free consultation, so we recommend starting there. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

How do auto accident injury settlements work?

If you’ve been injured in a car crash, we can help you file a claim with the insurance company to get compensated for your medical bills, car repairs, unearned income (if the injury has kept you from working), and other expenses.

Not all claims require a lawsuit. If your auto accident lawyer in Kaufman can negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company, the process is easier for everyone. However, if the insurance company won’t budge and refuses to give you the money you need to cover your expenses, our auto injury lawyers can file a lawsuit to recoup the damages.

Additionally, if you are the loved one of someone who has died in an accident, we can bring a wrongful death claim before the court and work toward your full restitution.

How do I file an insurance claim for a semi truck accident?

Getting hit by a semi big rig is a scary experience. Often, the victim is permanently injured or, in tragic cases, dies.

If you are the victim who has been hit by a large truck, you should seek help from a truck accident attorney to file your claim. When it comes to truck wrecks, your attorney may file a lawsuit against the insurance company, the commercial trucking company, or the individual truck driver, depending on the circumstances.

If you are a surviving family member who has lost a loved one, then your lawyer will file a wrongful death lawsuit. Our wrongful death attorneys will help you get justice and recover your expenses for medical bills, funeral expenses, lost income that your family will no longer receive from the loved one who has passed, and other damages.

Please do not try to file a wrongful death claim on your own if you’ve been hit by a commercial vehicle. Trucking companies often have highly skilled lawyers on retainer who are paid to prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

The best way to approach a truck accident case is by working with an 18 wheeler accident lawyer who has experience dealing with insurance companies and experience in the courtroom.

Our law firm has the team you want on your side. John Greenslade used to work defending large insurance companies. And Kenneth, as a former Assistant District Attorney, has more trial experience than nearly any other personal injury lawyer in Kaufman County.

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