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Personal Injury Lawyer in Kaufman, TX

Serious injuries caused by another person’s negligence do not just result in physical suffering, but also emotional and psychological distress. Your life can change in an instant because of the irresponsible actions of others.

If you’ve been injured or someone you care about has been killed in Kaufman, TX because of another person’s recklessness, you deserve restitution. Please call the Biggs & Greenslade Law Firm today for a FREE case evaluation.

What We Do

Our Personal Injury Lawyers put the needs of our clients first. We offer the highest quality legal representation in Kaufman, TX and the surrounding areas because our clients are worth it.

If you’re hurt, we’ll make sure you get the best medical treatment available, the highest possible settlement for your personal injury claim, and the closure you need to move forward.

Our attorneys will handle all legal proceedings, interactions with the insurance company, and any other details and paperwork required to make your case successful. We want you focused on getting healthy, not on navigating a lawsuit.

We handle the following types of Personal Injury cases:

How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost In Kaufman, TX?

The last thing we want is to add a financial burden of legal fees on top of your medical bills, vehicle repairs, and other expenses you’ve incurred from the tragic event. That’s why we operate from a contingency fee agreement.

During your initial consultation, we’ll answer any questions you have about the case, explain what to expect, and have you sign a contingency agreement. The agreement explains that you owe nothing out of pocket. Our fee comes from the settlement awarded at the end of the case.

If no settlement is won, you owe us nothing—period.

Why Hire Us

  • We can build a robust case to maximize your settlement.
  • We know how to negotiate with insurance companies.
  • We communicate with our clients regularly with case updates.
  • We have experience inside and outside the courtroom.
  • We don’t charge you anything out of pocket.

Should I File A Personal Injury Claim?

During your free case evaluation, we will discuss your case and give you an estimate of how long cases like yours usually take to resolve and how high your settlement could be based on our experience with similar lawsuits. At that point, you can decide whether pursuing a suit is worth it.

There’s no risk in calling us and setting up a free consultation, so we recommend starting there. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.




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