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The Average Commercial Vehicle Weighs 20 Tons

The Average Passenger Vehicle weighs Only 2 Tons

The Texas economy relies heavily on truckers and other commercial drivers. We see these commercial trucks wherever we go.

Truckers are under an immense amount of pressure–to deliver their loads faster and to do so cost-effectively.

Unfortunately, this means that they sometimes operate their vehicles unsafely.

The consequences of an accident with a commercial truck can devastate victims and their families.

Biggs & Greenslade is a personal injury law firm that can help commercial vehicle accident victims recover from the devastation of their accident.

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Experienced Lawyers for Your Semi-Truck Accident

Kenneth Morgan Biggs

A former US marine, law enforcement officer, and district attorney, Kenneth Biggs has dedicated his entire career to fighting for people. He combines that commitment with extensive trial experience, enabling him to defend his client’s interests inside and outside of the courtroom.

John Greenslade

John Greenslade spent the vast majority of his career as a trial lawyer defending insurance companies. This experience gave him unique insights into the tactics they use to deny claims–enabling him to provide his clients with effective insights into the opposition.

Annie Northcutt

As a former district attorney trying CPS cases, Annie Northcutt’s career has been spent assisting vulnerable clients. That experience informs how she helps her clients to this day.

Truck Wreck Lawyers Accepting Commercial Vehicle Accidents Like…

Commercial Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks dominate Texas highways. While most truckers are cautious, experienced drivers, accidents still happen. Biggs & Greenslade will help you fight for compensation if you were in an accident with a commercial truck.

Public Transportation Accidents

Accidents with a municipal or school bus can be complicated, but the 18-wheeler accident lawyers at Biggs & Greenslade have the experience to help and the commitment to fight for your recovery.

Lyft & Uber Accidents

If you were involved in an accident with an Uber driver, whether as a passenger or another driver, the commercial vehicle accident lawyers at Biggs & Greenslade can help you sort out your insurance and injury claims.

Mechanical Failure Accidents

Trucking companies and independent drivers are responsible for performing routine maintenance on their trucks. If they failed to do so, and that failure caused an accident, they are liable for your recovery.

And More

The team at Biggs & Greenslade has extensive experience working with our clients to ensure that they have the financial compensation they need to make a full recovery. Book a free consultation today.

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Commercial Vehicle Accidents Are More Complicated

An Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

In an accident involving passenger vehicles, typically one or the other driver is at fault for that accident.

This isn’t the case for commercial trucking accidents.

When you get in an accident with a commercial vehicle, it’s possible that the person responsible for that accident isn’t even driving.

This makes it challenging for victims to figure out what to do next–or who is responsible for the accident.

Responsible parties can include

  • The commercial driver
  • The trucking company
  • The mechanic responsible for mandatory maintenance
  • And others

When you enlist Biggs & Greenslade to handle your commercial vehicle accident, we’ll start by helping you identify who is responsible for your accident.

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Most Common Causes for Commercial Truck Accidents

Loss of Control

Commercial vehicles don’t stop on a dime. If a driver lost control of their car because they were speeding for instance, they can be held financially liable for the accident.

Failure to Maintain Lane

Commercial trucks are wider than passenger vehicles. It’s easy for them to stray outside of a lane, and a lapse in concentration can cause a dangerous accident.

Improper Turns

Commercial vehicles make wide turns. Most professional drivers understand and compensate for that, but occasionally they lose their concentration and cause an accident.

Driver Fatigue

Laws prevent drivers from driving more than 12 hours a day or 70 hours in a week, but some choose to ignore those laws, which can cause accidents.

Following too Close

You can’t control how closely someone follows you. Most commercial drivers understand how dangerous following too close can be, but others choose to ignore that danger.

Distracted Driving

Even professional drivers aren’t immune to distraction, and some text and drive despite the danger it poses to the other drivers on the road.

Mechanical Failure

When a commercial vehicle has a blowout, or there’s another mechanical failure, the vehicles around that truck may be in danger.

And More

The 18-wheeler accident attorneys at Biggs & Greenslade will thoroughly investigate your accident to determine who’s responsible–and then we’ll fight for your recovery.

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18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers that Fight for Your Recovery

Medical Bills

If you survived an accident with a commercial vehicle, you’re likely looking at a long physical recovery. We’ll make sure you aren’t financially burdened by medical bills.

Lost Wages

If your injuries prevent you from working–now or in the future–Biggs & Greenslade will pursue financial compensation that will help you make ends meet.

Permanent Injury

If you were permanently injured in your accident, your life will change and you should be compensated for how that change affects your earning potential.

Pain & Suffering

Your accident–and your injuries–like caused physical pain and emotional turmoil. We’ll pursue compensation that helps you manage those problems now and in the future.

And More

The team at Biggs & Greenslade are committed to getting our clients the most recovery possible. Schedule a consultation with us to learn how we can help with your case.

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How Can a Truck Wreck Attorney Help Me?

We Serve Your Best Interests

You don’t need an attorney to file an insurance claim, but they can help ensure you get fairly compensated for your injuries and property damage.

It can be difficult to know what to do and how to do it after an accident.

We help you navigate the post-accident landscape and protect you from being abused by insurance companies and other bad actors.

We Investigate Your Accident

You likely remember parts of your accident. But you likely only remember it from your perspective.

When you hire the team at Biggs & Greenslade, experienced investigators will be assigned to your case. They’ll pore over the details of the accident to gather the evidence that we’ll use to pursue your recovery.

When we have enough evidence, we’ll present it to the insurance companies to bring them to the table to negotiate your compensation.

We Negotiate with Insurance Companies

When insurance companies pay out claims, they lose money. They will use every dirty trick in the book to keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies are good at this. They will trick and mislead you to give you less than you deserve.

The team at Biggs & Greenslade knows all of the tricks insurance companies use, and we’re prepared to fight back to ensure you’re compensated how you deserve.

We Fight for Your Compensation

When you file a claim on a commercial trucking enterprise, you may actually be facing an experienced legal team fighting back to protect their client.

Your best solution is to have a few attorneys of your own. If we represent you, you’ll have a team of fighters there to help you navigate the post-accident landscape.

We Charge You Nothing

It costs you nothing to hire a personal injury attorney. We don’t make anything if we don’t get you compensation.

It costs you nothing to consult with a team of truck accident lawyers, and it costs you nothing to hire us.

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The attorneys and support staff at Biggs & Greenslade are committed to helping East Texans recover from even the worst accidents.

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