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Workplace Injuries Are Complicated. Biggs & Greenslade Will Help.

Texas is the biggest oil-producing state in the nation. Our economy depends on oilfield workers and producers to get our state ahead.

Energy companies take worksite safety seriously. They know how valuable their employees are–and how costly a personal injury case can be.

A lot of workers injured at an oilfield worksite are surprised by their employer immediately goes on the defensive after an accident.

If your employer is refusing to help treat your injury, you need an oilfield accident attorney to help.

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What to Do After an Oilfield Accident

After an injury, your employer may be trying to blame you for the accident. They may try anything to get out of paying to help you recover.

If you were injured on the job site, the first step is to protect yourself as you recover.

Immediately report the injury

Report the accident and your injury to your supervisor. While reporting, make sure that you follow the company’s reporting protocol exactly. There’s no room for errors at this point.

Seek medical attention

Go to a family physician or medal professional that you choose. Get them to document all of your injuries.

Your workplace may “offer” to send you to a company doctor. Do not accept this offer. Your company may possibly use this information to deny your injury claim.

Do not return to work while injured

Your supervisor or the HR department may encourage you to return to work as soon as possible. They may even recommend that you work while recovering from your injury. Do not return to work until you are totally well.

Your employer may use your early return to fight your injury claim and get out of paying for your recovery.

Contact an oilfield injury attorney

Some companies do right by their employees, helping them bounce back from an injury or compensating them for medical bills and lost wages.

Others don’t.

You can’t rely on your employer to do the right thing. You need the support of a personal injury law firm like Biggs & Greenslade.

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Your Employer Isn’t Your Friend. Biggs & Greenslade Can Help.

A lot of our clients are surprised after a workplace accident. Their employer, once so good to them, seemingly turned against them overnight. They’re confused and hurt.

You can have a great relationship with your employer, but they’re never your friend–especially after a workplace accident. They’re primarily concerned with limiting their own liability and fighting and injury claims you may file.

We’ve seen energy companies:

  • Blame the employee for the accident & deny any responsibility
  • Fight all worker’s compensation claims
  • Convince you to go to “company” doctors who have their interests in mind
  • Gather any and all evidence against you they can find
  • Terminate your employment as soon as they are able
  • Prevent you from hiring an oilfield accident attorney.

In our time handling workplace and oilfield injuries, we’ve seen former employers do anything and everything to avoid accepting responsibility for an injury.

If you’ve been seriously injured, you need a team that’s dedicated to helping you get the compensation you need to recover–now and in the future.

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Biggs & Greenslade will Secure Your Family’s Future

The worst part of a serious injury is that you’re robbed of the ability to provide for your family while you recover.

The worst injuries may prevent you from earning a living in the future, too.

A personal injury claim will reimburse you for wages that you lost because of your injury. We can also pursue compensation for wages you may lose in the future.

That’s in addition to ensuring you get the medical attention, physical therapy, and everything else you need on the road to recovery.

If you were injured in an oilfield accident, our team of personal injury attorneys is standing by to help you get back on your feet–and provide for your family.

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