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Crime Victim Lawyers in Waco, TX

Take Back Your Sense of Peace

Don’t let being the victim of a crime rob you of your sense of peace. While you’ve been through a traumatic event, there is hope for justice.

You may need years to fully recover, but The Law Office of Biggs and Greenslade is here to help you start that journey.

Crime victims are owed compensation and have several avenues for doing so, with civil suits being one of them.

If you need a crime victim or assault injury lawyer, call our Waco, TX, office to schedule a consultation today.

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Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Waco, TX

Kenneth Morgan Biggs

Kenneth Morgan Briggs has been a United States Marine and a district prosecutor, so he’s spent his life fighting for the innocent. Now, he uses his years of experience to represent clients in a court of law.

John Greenslade

Formerly in Insurance Defense, John Greenslade now uses that experience to hold insurance companies accountable. His years of experience allow him to stand up for your rights and maximum compensation.

Annie Northcutt

Annie Northcutt started her courtroom career as a prosecutor. She uses that experience to fiercely defend East Texas’ mostly vulnerable citizens, fighting to get them the compensation they deserve.

Compensation for Crime Victims in Texas

Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund

Texas established the Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund as a way to help victims receive their due from their assailants. Compensation from this fund can cover the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost property
  • Making a care or home more accessible to someone with a disability
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Crime scene clean-up
  • Medical bills
  • Home health care

These funds can be awarded - even without a conviction - to help cover at least some of your recovery costs.

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Compensation for Relocation

Sometimes, crimes cause such a great degree of trauma that the victim has to leave their home or even their city.

In these cases, victims may be eligible to receive relocation compensation. Compensation can cover:

  • Transportation
  • Utility fees and deposits
  • Pet deposits
  • Storage costs up to 3 months
  • Moving expenses
  • Rental costs

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Restitution is compensation that the defendant receives from the assailant. Restitution can cover travel costs for the trial, medical bills, and property damage costs.

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What Can a Criminal Victim Lawyer Offer You?

The courts and the state’s Department of Public Safety work hard to get you your due. However, their efforts don’t always cover or account for the full scope of your suffering.

When the courts and state cannot offer you the full amount you’re due, victim attorneys attempt to get the rest through a civil case.

Civil lawsuits allow the defendant to attempt to receive full restitution for emotional and mental damages that the state or courts don’t necessarily recognize.

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Compassionate Lawyers for Victims of Crimes in Waco, TX

If you were the victim of a crime, Biggs and Greenslade is here to help.

Call our Waco, TX, office today, and let us fight to get you the compensation and mental peace that you deserve.

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The Law Office of Biggs and Greenslade is ready to represent you, your family, and any other loved ones. Our compassionate team of professionals will strive to get you everything you deserve.

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