Car Accident Lawyer for Rusk, TX

When you’re in a car accident in Rusk, TX, it’s comforting to know that you have an experienced team of attorneys ready to fight for you. John Greenslade is a highly sought-after Car Accident Lawyer in East Texas. He has the skills and legal knowledge to win your insurance dispute and maximize your settlement.

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Auto Accidents In Rusk, TX

Rusk, TX is the county seat of Cherokee County. With a population of more than 5,500, the city is home to about 10% of all of Cherokee County’s residents. Over 1,300 employees commute the city’s roads daily.

Two major highways intersect in Rusk, TX—US-69 and US-84—which is where traffic is most congested during the week. Car crashes are reported in the Rusk, TX area just about every week. You can find the latest accident reports near Rusk, TX here.

Accidents happen. The important thing is to be prepared when it happens to you. Biggs & Greenslade can help you know exactly what to do after a wreck, get you the best quality medical care, and negotiate with the insurance company to give you a fair settlement.

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Types Of Auto Accident Cases

Car Accidents

When an insurance company offers you less than you need to cover your expenses from a car accident in Rusk, TX, you need to call Biggs & Greenslade ASAP. Our Car Accident Lawyer will take over all the details of your claim. If you think you deserve more from your car accident settlement, you probably do. We can help you get it.

Truck Accidents

Getting hit by an 18 wheeler is a terrifying experience. In Rusk, TX, freight trucks, carriers, and tractor trailers travel highway 69 daily. An accident is always a risk we hope never occurs. But if it does, Attorney John Greenslade is an expert Truck Accident Lawyer who can win a high restitution to cover all of your monetary expenses and non-monetary losses.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The legal team at Biggs & Greenslade believes it is essential to make our roads in Rusk, TX safe for all drivers—bikers included! If you need a Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer, we have your back.

Wrongful Deaths

If someone in your immediate family has died in an auto accident, you can file a lawsuit on their behalf. A Wrongful Death Lawsuit helps you recover their medical expenses, funeral costs, and loss of income based on their annual salary.

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What Our Personal Injury Clients Are Saying

Danica Finger


I am blown away, and maybe I’ve just never had a good lawyer before, or... these guys were totally showing off when they settled my case, either way I am amazed at their results! Everything was so smooth and seamless, no unnecessary trips to the office and they helped me with any questions I had immediately. I would recommend them to anyone and I definitely will call them if I ever need them in the future. You guys are great, and I am thrilled that I made the right decision when I walked into your office looking for help. Thanks y’all!

Maritza Cerda


I highly recommend them. They are more than professionals within each step of the process as well as updating you on your case and helping you go through with it. I’m just more than grateful for their help and their staff is just amazing!

Gary Hoag


I would highly recommend them. This was the first time I have had the need of a lawyer. They took the time to explain things in a way I could understand. They exceeded my expectations and I was very happy with the outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Claims & Auto Accident Lawsuits

What should I do after a car wreck?

- File Police Report - When it comes to car accidents, it is never a good idea to just shake hands and walk away. Even if no one appears to be injured, filing a police report creates a record of the event and protects you from the other driver’s false accusations.

- Record Damages - Be sure to record any damages to your vehicle or personal property by taking pictures and capturing videos of scratches, dents, and broken parts.

- Seek Medical Attention - Whether it’s going to the hospital immediately or following up with your primary care doctor the next day, it’s crucial to get checked out if you’ve been in a wreck. Rusk State Hospital is close by.

- Do Not Say Sorry - Feel free to express sympathy by asking, “Are you ok?” or “Do you need any help?” But do not say sorry. Apologizing is claiming legal liability. It could keep you from getting a settlement.

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What losses can I claim with the insurance company?

Auto accidents usually result in multiple types of losses. Some losses are monetary, like damages to your car and medical expenses. Other losses are not monetary, such as trauma from the accident, physical aches and pains, or emotional suffering. All of these damages can be included in your claim.

The losses you qualify for depends on the details of the case. It’s best to speak with an experienced Car Accident Attorney about your wreck in Rusk, TX to ensure you get the full compensation you rightly deserve.

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How much does it cost to hire a Cherokee County Accident Attorney?

None of our personal injury clients pay us anything out of pocket. The contingency agreement we’ll have you sign before we take your case will explain the percentage of your settlement that will be collected as our legal fee when your case is complete. If we don’t win, you don’t owe us anything.

We take on all the financial risk and liability for your case because we don’t want you to worry about adding attorney fees to your list of expenses incurred from the accident.

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The Biggs & Greenslade Law Firm has three convenient locations in East Texas. Most of our Rusk, TX clients meet us at our office in Henderson, which is only about 30 minutes away. The quickest route is to take Hwy 79 (click here for directions).

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