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The legal team at the Biggs & Greenslade Law Firm is proud to serve Kilgore, Texas with strong representation involving car accidents, truck wrecks, and motorcycle crashes. If you have been injured in a car accident in Kilgore and are frustrated with the process of filing an insurance claim, we’re here to help.

Our staff will take all the stress off your shoulders and help you win the highest possible settlement for your claim.

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Auto Accidents In Kilgore, TX

Kilgore, TX is located in both Gregg County and Rusk County. The city has a population of 15,000 residents and a workforce of 6,600, which makes for busy streets during the week. Several bustling highways pass through Kilgore, including TX-31, TX-135, TX-42, and US-259. It’s northernmost border also runs parallel to Interstate 20.

Car wrecks, 18 wheeler accidents, and motorcycle crashes often occur multiple times each week in this busy city. View the latest accident reports for Kilgore, TX and nearby areas here.

If you’ve been injured in a wreck in Kilgore, TX, our Car Wreck Attorney can handle all of your issues related to your accident. Call anytime to request a free consultation.

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Cases We Argue

Car Accidents

It is not uncommon for an insurance company to short change a claimant by giving them a smaller settlement than they deserve. Often these settlement offerings are not enough to cover your car repairs and medical expenses. Call our Car Wreck Lawyer near Kilgore, TX to discuss your case and learn about your options.

Truck Accidents

18-wheeler accidents have increased by 52% since 2009. Because of the sheer size of these vehicles, a high percentage of these accidents result in serious injury or death. If you get hit by a semi-truck in Kilgore, TX, the Law Office of Biggs & Greenslade will fight for you!

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It is a common myth that the majority of motorcycle wrecks are the biker’s fault. This is based more on stereotypes than real data. If an insurance company isn’t giving you the settlement you deserve, our Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer is more than happy to take over and make sure you are treated fairly.

Wrongful Deaths

Few things are more tragic than the wrongful death of a family member caused by someone’s negligence. If you’ve lost a loved one in a wreck, Biggs & Greenslade can file a Wrongful Death Lawsuit and recover some or all of the costs of the deceased person’s medical bills, funeral expenses, and lost income based on their salary.

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What Our Personal Injury Clients Are Saying

John North


Kenneth Biggs and his amazing office helped me through a hard time after an accident that wasn't my fault at all. They made sure I was treated properly and got me as much as they could for my settlement. Everyone I dealt with listened and was over the top kind. If you need a personal injury lawyer you can't go wrong with Biggs and Greenslade.

Jake Hengen


Sara, Kenneth, and John go above and beyond every time. Great team, extremely helpful and Knowledgeable Lawyers.

Gwendolyn Fraction


Best attorney’s in Texas!!!!! Great staff and worked with me and my family in a time of need!!! Will always recommend and use in the future!! A++

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Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Claims & Car Accident Lawsuits

What should I do after a wreck?

1. File A Police Report - Filing a police report is essential to keep a record of the accident. Even if no damage is done to your vehicle and no injury has occurred, a police report protects you from false accusations of the other driver.

2. Take Pictures - Be sure to keep a record of damages via photos or videos. Pictures are important for filing an insurance claim.

3. Get Medical Care - After an accident, always get looked at by a doctor. If you are not hurt to the degree that you need an ambulance, you should still follow up with your primary care physician to make sure you don’t have injuries you are unaware of. Christus Good Shepherd in Kilgore is close by. Any injuries should be counted in your settlement.

4. Never Say You’re Sorry - We understand the desire to show compassion and empathy to an individual or family who has been hurt. But if you apologize, you are legally claiming fault. Instead, say something like, “Are you ok?” or “How are you feeling?”

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What damages can I claim?

For an auto accident, there are several types of losses you can include in your insurance claim. These losses can be categorized as either financial or non-financial.

Financial losses eligible for reimbursement include:

  • Car damages
  • Hospital bills
  • Unearned income if the injury prevented you from working
  • Funeral costs if you are filing a wrongful death claim for a loved one who has passed
  • Other monetary losses

Non-monetary losses eligible for reimbursement include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Trauma
  • Other non-monetary losses

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How much do our Car Accident Lawyers near Kilgore, TX charge?

We firmly believe that you should not be responsible for any of the costs associated with your car crash. The insurance company should be. That includes your legal fees.

We sign a contingency agreement with you before we open your case. This agreement essentially says that if you do not get a settlement, we do not get paid. And if you do get compensated, our legal fee is collected from the restitution awarded to you. So you pay us nothing out of pocket—period!

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