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Criminal Attorneys In Henderson County Helping You Get Your Life Back

Facing criminal charges is always scary, whether it’s the first time or the tenth. There is a lot at stake.

If you don’t have an experienced criminal attorney in Athens, Texas representing you, you may:

  • Face harsher punishments than you deserve
  • Unintentionally incriminate yourself
  • Worry about how your case will turn out
  • Receive a conviction without ever really being heard
  • Spend years in prison away from your family and friends

The Biggs & Greenslade Law Firm helps those charged with a crime by building a strong defense that results in better litigation and a fair verdict.

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Kenneth Biggs

Meet Your Attorney

Kenneth Morgan Biggs became a licensed defense lawyer for Athens, TX after serving as a prosecutor for several years. His experience in both sides of the law gives him a strategic edge over other lawyers.

Biggs understands how to investigate the evidence and uncover the smallest overlooked details that become the turning point for a case.

When you hire the BG Law Firm, you can feel confident that your lawyers are dedicated to helping you move forward with your future intact.

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Your Defense Strategy

1. Schedule A FREE Case Evaluation.
We’ll discuss the details of your case, explain the likely outcomes, and help you understand your options moving forward.

2. Secure An Experienced Defense Attorney
As soon as you choose to hire us, we will begin investigating every detail of your case to find the most favorable evidence in your defense.

3. Relax. Your Case Is In Good Hands.
If you’re arrested and charged with DWI, Kenneth Biggs and his team will do everything possible to help you keep your license, your job, and your good reputation.

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We Handle Cases Like Yours Every Day

DWI Charges

People lose their license daily because they made the mistake of driving home from a party after drinking alcohol.

Mistakes like this shouldn’t ruin your life.

If you’re arrested and charged with DWI, Kenneth Biggs and his team will do everything possible to help you keep your license, job, and good reputation.

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Drug Crimes

The Texas legal system is very strict on drug crimes. And the judges and prosecutors in Henderson County are no exception.

Even a minor crime, such as possession of marijuana, could result in up to a year in prison.

With an experienced drug crimes lawyer in Athens, TX on your side, your charges could be significantly reduced or even dropped altogether.

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Violent crimes

Graphic images and victim testimonies make violent crimes cases very alarming and traumatic for jury members.

That’s why even when the evidence is on your side, it is often difficult to challenge the facts due to the emotional nature of the event.

Who you hire to represent you could be the difference between spending decades in prison and having your sentence reduced drastically.

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