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Many criminal lawyers do a disservice to their clients:

  • They don’t investigate their clients’ cases
  • They take too long to call their clients back or answer their questions
  • They spend minimal time giving their clients legal advice
  • They are inexperienced at negotiating with prosecutors on their clients’ behalf
  • They put little effort into developing a strategic argument for their clients’ court case

Hiring the wrong defense lawyer in Canton, TX could cost you much more than hiring the right one. Biggs & Greenslade will protect your rights and help you get your life back.

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Kenneth Biggs

Meet Your Defense Attorney

When you’re facing criminal charges, what you need more than anything is answers.

Clients in Canton trust Attorney Kenneth Biggs because he keeps them in the loop. He takes time to answer their questions. And he walks with his clients step by step through every aspect of their case to give them clarity and peace of mind throughout the process.

If you want answers—if you want to stay informed throughout your criminal law case—contact Kenneth Biggs today.

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Working With BG Law Is Easy

1. Schedule A FREE Consultation.
Even if you don’t hire us, our free consultations provide a lot of valuable insight. Kenneth Biggs will take time to:

  • Learn about your criminal charges
  • Help you understand the likely outcomes of your case based on his past experience as a prosecutor
  • Provide direction and legal advice about what next steps to take

2. Secure An Experienced Defense Lawyer.
One critical factor that affects the outcome of your case is the lawyer you hire. Choosing the BG Law Firm is the best way to ensure your rights are protected.

3. Relax. Your Case Is In Good Hands.
When you hire a defense lawyer from the BG Law Firm, you can rest assured that you have a team of legal counselors on your side to ensure the best outcome possible for your case.

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We Handle Cases Like Yours Every Day

DWI Charges

DWI cases are not always as straightforward as they appear.

Sometimes officers lack “reasonable suspicion” and “probable cause” to pull you over. Sometimes blood or breathalyzer tests are not administered correctly.

An experienced lawyer knows the question to ask during an investigation to, if possible, keep you from losing your license.

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Drug Crimes

Getting arrested for even a minimal drug offense can cost you your employment, hefty fines, and time in jail.

However, the facts are not always what they seem.

Suppose the officer performed an illegal search and seizure without reasonable cause. In that case, we can often file a motion to suppress the evidence. That way, prosecutors cannot use it against you in court.

If the only evidence available was acquired illegally, the entire case could be dismissed.

It takes a qualified lawyer well-versed in Texas law to know which strategy is best to defend you successfully.

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Violent Crimes

According to, the violent crime rate in Canton, TX is 100% lower than the national average.

In other words, violent crimes practically don’t happen. However, that means in the rare scenario when a violent crime does occur, the event is alarming to the community. And the Van Zandt County court system takes it very seriously.

Kenneth Biggs and his team can protect your rights. They’ll work hard to decrease your sentence or even have all charges dropped if possible.

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Contact us to schedule your free case evaluation. Our Canton area defense lawyers will:

  • Learn about the details of your case
  • Explain the likely outcomes
  • And suggest a path to move forward

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