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Getting arrested is like a nightmare. You just want it to be over. You feel:

  • Anxiety about your future
  • Fear about the possibility of going to jail
  • Uncertainty about your current employment situation
  • Concern about your future job prospects

We’ve worked with innumerable clients like you. Many of them have had their sentences reduced, or their charges dropped altogether.

If you need a criminal lawyer in Lindale, give us a call today.

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Kenneth Biggs

A Defense Attorney Skilled In Protecting Your Rights & Negotiating A Fair Sentence

Not every case is as simple as proving the defendant innocent.

Even if the person is clearly guilty, it is crucial to hire a lawyer who understands how to negotiate with the prosecutor to get a fair sentence for his or her client.

To negotiate well, you must understand how a prosecutor thinks.

Kenneth Morgan Biggs is an expert negotiator because he used to be an Assistant District Attorney. He understands how a prosecutor approaches a case because he was one.

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Working With Us Is Easy

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When you meet with one of our Lindale area defense attorneys, we will:

  • Discuss your arrest details
  • Explain the most likely outcome
  • And help you have confidence in the next steps you should take

Even if you do not hire us, you will benefit from learning how a Smith County prosecutor approaches your case.

2. Secure An Experienced Defense Lawyer
Kenneth Biggs is an expert investigator, negotiation, and litigator. If you’re facing criminal charges, you need a lawyer like Biggs on your side.

3. Relax. Your Case Is In Good Hands.
We give you peace of mind, knowing that we will fight for you, keep you in the loop, and do everything possible to help you get the second chance we believe you deserve.

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We Handle Cases Like Yours Every Day

DWI Charges

Getting arrested for DWI doesn’t have to be the end of your story.

With a qualified lawyer on your side, you may have access to a second chance without going to jail, paying a big fine, or losing your license.

The important thing is to act quickly. Contact one of our defense attorneys near Lindale, TX today.

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Drug Crimes

The punishments for drug crimes are often severe in Texas. Even a seemingly small possession offense could result in losing your job, paying hefty fines, and going to jail.

There are many strategies to defend someone facing drug crime charges. But it takes an attorney who knows the law well to execute them.

Kenneth Biggs has your back.

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Violent Crimes

Violent crimes do not just affect the offender and the victim. They also affect the victim’s family and the whole Lindale community.

That’s why Smith County courts and juries come down hard on violent crimes. Because the victims are people like them, from their community.

Defending a violent crime case is very challenging. You need a lawyer who can thoroughly investigate the matter to find even the smallest detail that could turn the case around.

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