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Arrested? Charged with a crime? Our Criminal Lawyers for Palestine, Texas are here to help.

Getting arrested is a scary and stressful experience. Have you been charged with a crime for the first time and are unsure what to expect? Or perhaps you are facing your second or third offense and are worried about increased sentencing.

In either case, there is much uncertainty and anxiety that comes with facing Anderson County’s criminal justice system. That’s why the Biggs & Greenslade Law Firm wants you to know that you have a team of qualified Criminal Defense Attorneys near Palestine, TX who are ready to fight for you.

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Meet Our Criminal Attorney

Kenneth Morgan Biggs is a partner at our firm and leads our criminal defense practice. After graduating from law school, Kenneth served for many years as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) before becoming a criminal justice attorney.

Kenneth’s experience as a prosecutor gave him special insight into how the criminal justice system works from the other side. He knows how the judge, DA, and jury think and how each approaches a case.

His experience working for the DA has given Kenneth a leg up in his defence cases, especially when it comes to pleading and sentencing negotiations.

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Why Choose BG Law To Represent You?

Evidence-based defense

Our legal team spends time face to face with each client, learning about your charges and planning the best defense on your behalf. We will do a thorough investigation into every detail of your case.

Our investigation may include:

  • Interviewing witnesses and examining their testimonies
  • Developing a plea strategy that works in your favor
  • Carefully analyzing all evidence a prosecutor presents
  • Gathering any new evidence available that could benefit your case
  • Scrutinizing search and seizure procedures employed during your arrest

Each of these actions—along with others—may provide us with crucial information that could alter the outcome of your case. That’s why we work diligently to investigate your case and build the best argument on your behalf.

Proactive pretrial negotiations

As a former prosecutor, Kenneth Biggs is proactive in negotiating the best deal for his clients. He and his team work hard to:

  • Reduce your bail amount
  • Have charges reduced or, when possible, dropped
  • Decrease sentencing (plea bargain)
  • Exclude evidence obtained by illegal searches and seizures or is irrelevant to the case

Our goal is never to get guilty criminals off without consequences. Instead, we do what we do because we believe everyone deserves a second chance and, more importantly, everyone has a right to a fair trial.

Trial defense

Unlike the idea that Hollywood might have you believe, most criminal cases do not go to trial. Usually during the negotiation process, your defense attorneys will work on an arrangement, plea agreement, and reasonable sentence in the best interest of everyone.

However, when a case does go to trial, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Palestine criminal lawyers have extensive trial experience with the court systems throughout Anderson County and East Texas. We are skilled with presenting the best evidence, cross examining witnesses, and developing a strong defense for you.

Post Sentencing Defense

The Biggs & Greenslade Law Firm is here for our clients both before and after your case is resolved. We offer post sentencing services including:

  • Probation violation defense
  • Seeking parole
  • Record expungement
  • And more

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Types Of Criminal Charges We Defend

Palestine, TX has a violent crime rate 44% higher than the national average, according to The prosecutors and judges in Anderson County come down very hard on criminals in the area to make the county safer. But sometimes defendants suffer from the heavy hand of the government. We want to help change that.

Our Palestine, TX attorneys are licensed to handle both state and federal criminal law charges. They can defend you against almost any felony or misdemeanor you are charged with, including:

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

A DWI conviction can result in several life-changing consequences, including:

  • Losing your license
  • Loss of employment opportunities
  • Loss of credibility in your community
  • And expensive, hefty fines

Contact Biggs & Greenslade as soon as possible if you are arrested. Our DWI Lawyers in Palestine, TX are available to help minimize your DWI charges and sentencing and get your life back.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are the most common crimes committed in Texas. Texas criminal law comes down hard on drug related charges, so if you’ve been arrested, it is crucial to call a drug crime lawyer right away.

We help with the following types of drug charges:

  • Simple possession
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug trafficking
  • And more

Violent Crimes

Robbery, assault, murder, and other violent crime charges are very difficult to defend. Often, the shocking imagery based on victim testimonies, graphic photos, and the like make it difficult for jury panels to maintain an unbiased presumption of innocence.

Our criminal lawyers for Palestine, TX can give you peace of mind by fighting for the best possible outcome in your case.

What should I do when I’m arrested and charged with a crime in Anderson County?

During an arrest, many defendants incriminate themselves by doing the wrong things or not doing the right things. Unfortunately, how you act and interact with the police when you are first being questioned and/or arrested could determine the outcome of your case.

So here are 5 things to always remember if you are being arrested in Palestine, Texas or Anderson County:

1. Be respectful to the police

Even if the arrest is biased, unfair, and unjustifiable, it is best to be respectful and compliant with what the officer says. If an injustice has been committed, your defense lawyer can use that to bolster your case and reduce or even drop your charges.

But if you are not compliant, you could be charged with the additional crime of “resisting arrest,” making your case more challenging to defend.

2. Do not answer any questions

If you’ve ever watched a cop TV show, you’ve heard the Miranda Rights. “The right to remain silent,” is one that you should exercise when you are being arrested.

While we encourage our clients to be respectful, we want to be clear that you have no obligation to answer any questions the officer asks.

When questioned, simply reply, “I’m exercising my 5th Amendment right,” and say nothing more until you speak with an attorney.

3. Call your criminal lawyer ASAP

As soon as you are able to, which is usually when you arrive at the police station, call the Law Offices of Biggs & Greenslade. We will take over your case and handle all communications between you and law enforcement and prosecutors from here on out.

Allowing your defense attorney to handle all correspondence ensures the best outcome of your case. We know what to say and what not to say to protect your rights.

4. Write down what happened

As soon as you are able to, take notes of everything that happened before, during, and after the arrest. But do not write down any incriminating information that could be used as evidence against you.

When it comes to a court case, every detail matters. And you may forget some of the most important details if you do not write them down quickly, so be sure to do so. You can ask for a notebook and pen if you do not have a way to take notes.

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