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Injured In A Car Wreck? We’ll Help You Get Your Life Back.

The worst part about a car wreck doesn’t happen during the collision. It happens in the weeks and months that follow:

  • Watching medical bills pile up while you are unable to go to work
  • Feeling uncertain when, or even if, you will fully recover
  • Dealing with an uncooperative insurance company

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car crash, you are not alone. At the Biggs & Greenslade Law Firm, we help victims receive full compensation so they can get their life back after a wreck. We're personal injury lawyers dedicated to giving East Texans the hand up they need to get their life back.

Our experienced auto accident attorneys will fight for you and recover every penny you are owed. We believe victims should not be responsible for paying the hospital and car repair bills incurred because of someone else's negligence.

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Car Crashes In Palestine & Anderson County

Almost 40% of Anderson County’s population lives in Palestine, TX. Loop 256 outlines all of Palestine, and four major highways intersect this mid-sized city, making it a frequently commuted area.

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles fill Palestine’s busy streets daily for commuting, traveling, and leisurely driving. And from time to time, this results in a tragic accident.

If you’ve been seriously injured or a family member has been killed in a car accident in Palestine, TX, the Personal Injury Lawyers at the Biggs & Greenslade Law Firm are here to help.

Our team of car accident lawyers has plenty of trial experience facing major insurance companies in Anderson County and East Texas courtrooms. We’ll help you file your claim, negotiate your settlement, and get the restitution owed to you.

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Types Of Auto Accidents Our Lawyers Handle

Kenneth Biggs and John Greenslade work with clients in Palestine, TX to win the highest settlement possible for their cases. He has extensive experience taking on insurance companies and maximizing settlements in cases involving car wrecks, motorcycle crashes, and semi-truck accidents.

Whether you are filing a personal injury claim for yourself or filing on behalf of someone you love in a wrongful death claim, Biggs & Greenslade are here for you. If you need an auto accident attorney, you won’t find more experience or quality in Palestine than at our law firm.

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Why Palestine Residents Trust Biggs & Greenslade With Their Car Accident Claims & Personal Injury Cases?

We maximize the value of your settlement.

Many people do not realize that when an insurance company offers a settlement, it can be, and probably should be, negotiated.

Most insurance agents you deal with are paid to save their company as much money as possible by giving out minimal settlements to Palestine, TX residents.

The legal team at Biggs & Greenslade will maximize your settlement, ensuring that all losses and damages are reimbursed.

We don’t charge our clients anything out-of-pocket.

During your FREE case evaluation, we’ll explain our contingency fee agreement, which essentially says our fee comes not out of your checkbook but from a percentage of the settlement awarded at the end of the case.

You will not owe us anything out-of-pocket for the duration of the case.

We have years of experience fighting insurance companies in the courtroom.

Usually, car accident and personal injury claims are settled outside of the courtroom. As long as all parties involved can agree upon the settlement amount, the case will usually be resolved quickly.

However, if your case does go to trial, you can rest assured that you’ve got a competent team of legal experts near Palestine, TX on your side. We’ve successfully faced insurance companies in trial plenty of times and are not afraid to do so whenever necessary.

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What Damages Can I Claim For My Settlement?

Personal injury damages that can be claimed in a lawsuit are divided into two categories: monetary losses and non-monetary losses.

Monetary losses are expenses with a hard cost. If you have or will receive an invoice for damages, the expense is probably a monetary loss. These may include:

  • Motor vehicle repair costs
  • Hospital bills and medical treatment
  • Loss of income if your injuries have prevented you from working

Non-monetary losses do not have a monetary value but are assigned one to calculate into your settlement. Most people don’t realize that you can be reimbursed for these damages, but you can and should.

Non-monetary losses include:

  • Physical aches and pains
  • Mental and psychological suffering
  • Other personal suffering caused by the accident

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