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Over 59,000 people travel through Terrell every day, according to the city of Terrell.

This statistic is great for the expansion and economic growth of this East Texas town of 17,000 residents. However, with growth comes greater risks, so it's not surprising that personal injuries can happen daily.

Whether you live in Terrell, TX, or are one of the many passing through, if you find yourself injured because of someone else's negligence, you have the right to seek the compensation you deserve.

The car wreck lawyers at Biggs & Greenslade Law areis ready to help you.

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Personal injury lawyers you can count on

Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident?

Attorneys John Greenslade and Kenneth Biggs serve clients in Kaufman County every day who have suffered a severe injury from a:

Car wreck

A car wreck can leave its mark long after the accident. Even when not at fault, many people find themselves responsible for the payment of medical bills and out-of-pocket car repair expenses because of the accident.

If you find yourself in this situation, we can make your personal injury claims smooth and stress-free. Call for your free consultation today.

Motorcycle accident

Many bikers are careful riders, but they often get an undeserved reputation when it comes to motorcycle accidents.  The truth is many insurance companies use this reputation in their favor by bending the facts to blame the biker.  If you've recently been in a motorcycle accident, our attorneys are here for you. We'll help you get the settlement you deserve.

18-wheeler collision

Getting hit by a commercial vehicle is almost always a catastrophic event. It can leave the victim with life-altering injuries.  Don’t wait for the insurance companies to take care of you as they should. Our personal injury attorneys have a record of success and are here to help whenever you need us.

Wrongful Death

When a wreck leaves the death of a loved one in its wake, our wrongful death attorneys in Terrell are here to support you.

Our powerhouse team of attorneys will fight for what is right. We’ll gain maximum compensation for the staggering hospital bills, funeral costs, and lost wages the victim would have earned in the future.

Money can never replace a life, but it can remove some of the financial burdens a wrongful death case leaves behind.

When you've been the victim of a motor vehicle accident, you need someone who is on your side. At the Law Offices of Biggs and Greenslade, we’ll do everything possible to win the restitution you deserve.

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How Does A Car Accident Claim Work?

After your car accident, you need to file a claim on your insurance.

If your vehicle is damaged and you've suffered an injury, your insurance company will gather all of their documentation, and then they will offer you a settlement of what they are willing to pay.

However, most of the time, the offer isn't enough to cover expenses you incurred because of the accident.

With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can dispute the settlement to ensure you get fair restitution.

In fact, hiring a lawyer for a car accident to handle your claim can result in a settlement up to 3 times higher than filing your claim alone, according to a national survey from

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Why Hire Biggs & Greenslade?

Biggs & Greenslade Are Here to Help You Maximize Your Settlement

People file claims for car accidents every day.

Occasionally victims get enough to fully cover their expenses incurred from the accident, but they often do not.

Our attorneys in Terrell will personally handle your accident case to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Leave the Insurance Companies to Us

Insurance is a for-profit industry. Their goal is to keep their costs low and their profits high.

Don't let insurance companies bully you into settling for less than you deserve.

Our attorneys have the experience it takes to handle the insurance company, so you can focus on getting healthy.

We Don’t Get Paid Until We Win

After a car accident, we believe you have enough to handle without the stress of adding attorney fees. So our clients pay nothing upfront because we work on a contingency agreement.

That means you pay nothing out of pocket. As a matter of fact, you don't pay a penny unless we win your car accident case and acquire a settlement.

At Biggs & Greenslade Law, you’re more than a number, and we care about your physical, emotional and financial well being.

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How Much Will My Settlement Be?

Every car accident claim is just as unique as the people involved, so settlements vary based on the details of the accident.

During our free consultation, our team works to come up with an estimate for your settlement by considering your losses.

We calculate your losses by considering the following two categories: monetary and non-monetary.

Monetary losses, or damages, are expenses that have a monetary value. These include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Cost of vehicle repairs
  • Unearned income if the injury has kept you out of work
  • And other hard costs associated with the accident

Non-monetary damages are not hard costs but are assigned monetary values to be calculated in the whole settlement. These may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Aches and pain
  • Emotional and psychological trauma caused by the injury
  • And other non-monetary losses, or damages, caused by the accident

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