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Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Could Increase Your Settlement By As Much As 40%.

Injured near Troup, TX? The Biggs & Greenslade Law Firm is here for you. Our team of expert attorneys will build a solid case on your behalf and obtain the highest possible settlement from the insurance company or corporation you are filing a lawsuit against.

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Let Us Handle Every Aspect Of Your Claim

Our team of attorneys has litigated some of the most complex injury cases in Smith County. We have extensive experience both inside and outside the courtroom in the following types of cases:

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Benefits Of Hiring An Injury Lawyer

Some injury victims opt to file their claims without legal assistance. Often they believe this is the cheaper option. Here are three benefits of hiring a lawyer for your injury case:

1. Pay Nothing Out-Of-Pocket

One of the first things we will do when you become our client is to ask you to sign a contingency agreement stating that you will not owe us anything for our legal services if no settlement is given.

The document also spells out the percentage of the settlement that will make up our fee. Throughout the entire proceedings, you will not pay anything out of pocket.

2. Get A 40% Higher Settlement By Hiring Us

On average, claimants who hire an injury lawyer receive about 40% more in restitution payments than those who file their claim independently, according to the Insurance Research Council.

3. Ensure Fair Treatment By Insurance Companies

If your case goes to court, the insurance company you’re filing against may challenge your case and keep you from receiving any compensation at all. These corporations pay their lawyers top dollar to give you as little as possible in restitution. You need a team of expert attorneys in your corner to fight for you.

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How Is The Restitution Amount Determined?

Compensation for your claim is calculated by compiling a record of all losses you’ve suffered, both financial and non-financial. Here are examples of losses that can be claimed:

Financial Losses:

  • Damages to your auto, motorcycle, or other property
  • Past and present hospital bills
  • Future medical services needed
  • Physical and mental therapy services required
  • Backpay for lost income if the injury has prevented you from working

Non-financial losses:

  • Physical suffering, such as aches and pains
  • Mental distress, such as PTSD and trauma
  • And other non-monetary damages

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