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Kenneth Biggs & John Greenslade are Personal Injury Lawyers proudly serving clients in the Nacogdoches, TX area. Whether you get injured in a car wreck on Loop 224, a motorcycle crash on US-59, or a boating accident on Lake Nacogdoches, we believe you deserve compensation for your damages.

At Biggs & Greenslade, want to help you receive a settlement to cover your medical bills, property damages, and recoup some or all unearned income if your injury has prevented you from working.

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Types of Personal Injury Law Cases in Nacogdoches County

Nacogdoches, TX has a population of more than 33,000 people. Over half of the 65,000 residents of Nacogdoches County live in the city of Nacogdoches, TX. Four major roads run through the town—Loop 224, TX-7, US-59, and TX-21. With more than 14,000 daily commuters, truck drivers coming in from Waco and Houston, and families heading to Lake Nacogdoches for a relaxing day on the water, the risk of an accident is very real.

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As Personal Injury Lawyers, we work with locals hurt in the following types of accidents:

Car Wrecks

Because of the busy streets of Nacogdoches, car accidents happen almost every day in the city and nearby areas. You can see crash data for Nacogdoches here. If you get hurt in a car wreck, you can be confident that you have a Car Wreck Lawyer in your area ready to fight for you.

18-Wheeler Wrecks

Semi-trucks pass through Nacogdoches daily, traveling to and from Houston via US-59 or Waco via TX-21. The 18-Wheeler Wreck Lawyers at Biggs & Greenslade are always here for you if you ever get rear-ended by a large truck.

Boating Accidents

Lake Nacogdoches is a fun place for families to relax on the water for the weekend. But unfortunately, boating and watercraft accidents happen sometimes. In May 2020, a small child was hit by a jet ski on Lake Nacogdoches. The driver has not yet been found or arrested. When injuries like this happen, our Boat Accident Attorneys are here to help.

Wrongful Death

Sometimes, a catastrophic injury takes a turn for the worst. If you are mourning the loss of a loved one due to someone’s negligence, we can file a Wrongful Death Lawsuit and ensure you receive just restitution on behalf of your family member.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Kacy Kersh


I was rear ended at a red light in October. I filed a claim against the other driver's insurance. I quickly got overwhelmed with all of the phone calls and questions that were being thrown at me. I called Morgan Biggs and he quickly took control. Mr Biggs and his staff handled everything and I received a settlement that was fair and quick. They kept me up to date throughout the entire process and were always so kind and caring when we spoke. I highly recommend him to anyone needing legal representation.

Ryan Claterbaugh


John is an amazing attorney who cares about his clients. I would highly recommend him and his team.

Danica Finger


I am blown away, and maybe I’ve just never had a good lawyer before, or... these guys were totally showing off when they settled my case, either way I am amazed at their results! Everything was so smooth and seamless, no unnecessary trips to the office and they helped me with any questions I had immediately. I would recommend them to anyone and I definitely will call them if I ever need them in the future. You guys are great, and I am thrilled that I made the right decision when I walked into your office looking for help. Thanks y’all!

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Our Best Advice for Personal Injury Victims in Nacogdoches County

Our advice for victims of negligence in Nacogdoches and the surrounding cities is simple...

Please do not accept a settlement from an insurance company until you speak with an experienced attorney. A lawyer can increase the value of your settlement by up to 300%, according to a study by Nolo. That number is the net value after the attorney fee is deducted.

The reason why is because insurance companies rarely pay you what your settlement is actually worth. Our attorneys know how to negotiate for the best payout and can fight your case in court if the insurance company does not cooperate.

So before you speak with an insurance company about compensation, call the Law Offices of Kenneth Biggs & John Greenslade and talk to a skilled Personal Injury Attorney about your case.

We’ll help you understand how your claim will hold up in court and give you an estimate of the settlement you should be paid, which is almost always much higher than what the insurance company will offer you initially.

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How to find us:

Our convenient location in Henderson is only a 40-minute drive from clients in the Nacogdoches area. Our office is on the corner of Highway 79 and Nacogdoches Rd. We are right across the street from the Southgate Village shopping area. The quickest route coming from Nacogdoches is to take US-59 to US-259 N.

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