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The Average Commercial Truck Weighs 18 Tons

When a commercial truck collides with a passenger vehicle, people get seriously injured.

The average passenger car weighs 2 tons. It simply cannot stand up to such a large vehicle, even if it has the most technologically advanced security and safety systems.

The luckiest passengers come away with just minor injuries. Those less lucky may suffer life-altering injuries.

Any accident with a commercial vehicle is serious, and victims are often left to face medical bills–not to mention an insurance company with experienced defense attorneys–on their own.

Biggs & Greenslade is an experienced law firm featuring personal injury attorneys with the experience and will to fight insurance and trucking companies.

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Experienced 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers for Canton, TX, Victims

Kenneth Morgan Biggs

As a former district prosecutor, Kenneth Morgan Biggs has extensive experience in the courtroom. Not every personal injury case goes to trial, but if yours does, we’ll be ready for it.

John Greenslade

Originally in Insurance Defense, John Greenslade spent the early part of his career helping insurance companies. Now, he uses that experience to help his clients fight them.

Annie Northcutt

As a former prosecutor working with some of the most vulnerable victims, Annie Northcutt is a fierce client advocate who understands how her clients feel when injured.

Who is Responsible for Your Commercial Vehicle Accident?

Negligence in Trucking Accidents

After any collision, the police will determine who was at fault for the accident. In cases involving a commercial vehicle, this can become especially complicated.

Commercial vehicles face more stringent regulations and laws governing their use. Violating those may make them, or an entity related to them, responsible for your injuries.

At-fault parties in a commercial accident may include:

Commercial Drivers

Drivers can always be at fault. Commercial drivers face more laws regulating how they can drive. For instance, commercial drivers are limited to driving a certain number of hours per day and week.

Violating those, or more common traffic laws, may mean that they’re at fault for your accident.

Trucking Companies

The company employing the commercial driver involved in your accident may be at fault, too. If they don’t hire qualified drivers or don’t maintain accurate safety records for their drivers, they may be negligent.

Maintenance Companies

Commercial trucks must undergo routine maintenance and inspections. If the company responsible for doing that failed, then they may bear responsibility for your accident–especially if it happened because of a mechanical failure.

And More

Determining negligence is an important part of what a personal injury lawyer does in a commercial accident case. If you were injured in a crash with a large vehicle, contact Biggs & Greenslade to schedule a consultation today.

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What You Can Get Compensated For

Medical Bills

If you sustained injuries, you may be facing a mountain of medical debt. You shouldn’t face that alone. Biggs & Greenslade will fight to get you compensation for past and future medical costs.

Property Damage

In a commercial crash, it’s likely that your vehicle is totaled. The commercial accident lawyers at Biggs & Greenslade will ensure that you get compensated fair value for that vehicle.

Lost Wages

If your injuries forced you to miss work, you’re able to recover those wages. If you’re unable to work in the future, you can also get compensated for that loss.

Pain & Suffering

If the negligence that caused your accident was notable, sometimes judges and juries will award compensation for physical pain and emotional turmoil resulting from the accident.

Permanent Injury

A permanent injury can change the course of your life. It’s difficult to put a price on that, but our attorneys will fight to make sure that your future is secured–no matter what.

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Commercial Accidents & Wrongful Death Suits

If you lost a parent, child, or spouse as the result of an accident involving a commercial truck, Texas allows you to file a wrongful death suit on that person’s behalf.

A wrongful death lawsuit will help you pursue justice for your lost loved one–all while securing your financial future in the face of their loss.

Our attorneys will handle your wrongful death case with the dignity and care it deserves.

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What to Expect at Your Free Consultation

When you schedule a consultation, you’ll meet with one of the personal injury lawyers at our firm. At that meeting, we’ll discuss your accident.

The goal of our initial consultation is to determine if filing a personal injury case is the right thing to do for your specific situation.

We’ll go over the details of your accident, including any evidence you may have, and then help you take your next steps–whether that includes filing a claim or not.

Should you decide that filing a personal injury lawsuit is the best direction, we’ll represent your interests beginning then.

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